034 – COVID-19 SPECIAL – How 7 Industry Leaders are Handling “The New Normal”

Today is March 26, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has virtually everyone working at home and doing their best to continue as best as possible running their businesses, supporting their teams and learning from this event.... Read More

035- How To Master Your Mindset And Life With Jen Groover

How do you adjust your mindset and achieve the most out of life? Join Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author, Jen Groover, as she explains her unique approach to developing a winning mindset, her “life auditing system,”... Read More

033- Putting Your Last Bad Day Behind You With Michael O’Brien

How do you keep bad moments from turning into bad days? It is helpful to have a tribe of people who listen to your problems, while keeping you levelheaded and focused on the best possible... Read More

031 – The power of emotion, intentionality, and conscious leadership with Seth Godin

Tune into part 2 of our discussion with Author and Entrepreneur, Seth Godin. In this episode Seth discusses an array of topics with the #LearnToWin Team including fear, intentionality, conscious leadership + the one TV show... Read More

030 – How a Son of a Pimp Became Beloved CEO of Scribe with JT McCormick

If you did not learn a specific task, how can you be expected to know it? You can’t! The same goes for opportunities. If you are not aware of an opportunity, then you cannot go... Read More

029 – The Secret To Becoming Indistractable With Nir Eyal

There are many distractions in the world today, which will continue to rise in the coming years. Being able to manage your time efficiently and effectively is key. Every minute counts! Author, lecturer and investor, Nir... Read More

028 – How Immersive Learning Leads To Higher Retention with Maxime Ros

Technology is constantly changing and so is the way we learn. VR is taking the world by storm with all of the effective, adaptable and scalable options to create the ultimate learning experience. It has... Read More

026 – Breaking Bad Habits And Getting Aligned with Dana Cavalea

Correcting a bad habit isn’t always easy. Figuring out and understanding the ‘why’ behind what is causing the bad habit is important. Getting motivated enough to stop the bad habit and align yourself is key.... Read More

025 – How Innovation Will Help You "Own the Future" with Anthony Mills

The future is looking bright with new technologies and innovative ideas allowing for smarter and not harder work. As corporations shift gears to stay aligned with changes, small and large forward-thinking organizations are making disruptions.... Read More

024 – How to Find Out What Your Customers Will Buy with Angelo Ponzi

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, the voice of a customer is crucial. Their opinion matters and will essentially make or break a new product launch. Being able to understand and pinpoint the needs of... Read More

023 – How To Have More Impact in The Roles You Play In Life with Jake Dreyfuss

It’s a challenge to stand out in todays crowded world. Being aware of your personal as well as professional goals is a must. Often times the lines between work and life get blurred, which is... Read More

022 – How to Solve Your Business Problems by Being a Rebel with Shannon Tipton

In order to set your organization up for success you need to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with all departments. Learning and development is crucial in order for a business to succeed. How... Read More

021 – How to Navigate Difficult Conversations with Joel Silverstone

Leaders are often faced with resolving conflict and driving difficult conversations. In order to handle these tasks in the proper manner you must have a certain set of skills. It is important to be able... Read More

020 – Grow B2B Sales by Crafting a Valuable Brand Story with Gerry Lantz

Big decisions are hard to make. The back and forth of wondering, ‘will this be the right move,’ is something everyone has struggled with. Before making a purchase the customer often likes to develop some... Read More

019 – How to Create a Healing Organization (Michael Gelb Part 2)

Tune into Part 2 with Michael Gelb (Episode 1 is here) as he discusses his new book “The Healing Organization,” the conscious capitalism movement, and how businesses that commit to making a positive wholistic impact... Read More

018 – Learn to Win Like Leonardo da Vinci (Michael Gelb Part 1)

How To Use High Performance Learning To Set Your Organization Up For Success With Michael Gelb Understanding and developing a corporate culture that people stand behind and really believe in, is not an easy task.... Read More

017 – The “Simple Business Plan” That Attracts Great Employees and Clients with Mario Martinez Jr.

The younger workforce of today is known for job hopping, so how do you attract and retain the right candidates? Developing a scalable business plan that keeps the company’s core values in mind is a... Read More

016 – How Good Coaching Can Boost Sales and Employee Happiness at Home with Jason Zeman

A great trainer, teacher, coach or mentor is unforgettable because of the positive impact they have on your life. When done right, a training program not only helps you develop the skills needed to perform... Read More
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