050 – Part 3 – The Future of Mobile Learning and Training

Loyal Learn to Win Fans – We are thrilled to announce that this is our final episode of Learn to Win and want to share a warm THANK YOU joining us on this learning journey!... Read More

050 – Part 2 – What You MUST Know About School And Education

If you’ve ever asked yourself “What is school actually for?” or “why don’t they teach this stuff in school?” you are in good company. Join our guests Seth Godin, Michael Gelb, and Isaac Morehouse as... Read More

050 – The Importance of Core Values & Fun at Work

The Scrimmage, LEARN TO WIN Podcast, has reached its 50th episode! To celebrate, we have made a montage to capture some of the most memorable moments and topics discussed. Tune into Part 1 of our 50th... Read More

049 – Leveraging LinkedIn To Start More Sales Conversations With Brynne Tillman

Are you looking to develop more social connections to obtain more sales? LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO of Social Sales Link, Brynne Tillman, shares tips and best practices combining traditional sales techniques along with the new digital world... Read More

048 – How to Create a Culture of Fun and Appreciation with Kathy Gruver

Stress is not an uncommon feeling today. Pressures from work, home and life leave us feeling overwhelmed and uneasy from time to time. How do we overcome these feelings and maintain a positive outlook? Stress... Read More

047 – Timeless Leadership Principles with David Chinsky

Do you aspire to be an effective leader who impacts and inspires your team? Learning key strategies to encourage action, focus, engagement and timely execution of tasks, will help lead you and your team to... Read More

046 – How to Turn Website Visitors Into Customers with Matthew Edgar

How do you get more traffic coming to your website? How do you get that traffic to turn into customers? These are two of the core questions business owners grapple with. Understanding the technical side... Read More

045 – Using Artificial Intelligence to Elevate Team Performance with Cesar Keller

Having a good relationship with your team is one of the driving factors towards business success. Creating a trusting environment where employees feel safe to share ideas, take risks + make mistakes leads to better... Read More

044 – Closing The Learning Gap with Marina Theodotou

Is your organization stuck trying to define where the learning gaps are? In order to effectively train and maintain employees, you need to be able to pinpoint the best learning methods for each learner. Learning... Read More

043 – 5 Things You Must Know About Marketing Strategy with Tyler Garns

A lot of small business owners are excellent at the operational side of running their business, but get STUCK when it comes to marketing—especially in creating a strategy that aligns with their core values, and... Read More

042 – The Power Of Being Efficient with Kellan Barfield

With everything and everyone moving so quickly in today’s world, it is important to make the most of the time we have. Efficiency is a key concept for those with hectic schedules. CEO, Kellan Barfield,... Read More

041 – Using Passion and Purpose to ‘Break Through’ with Mark Black

If you had a second shot at life, what would you do? Would you live life to the fullest and focus on the things that mattered the most to you? Author & Speaker, Mark Black,... Read More

040 – How To Change Yourself and Others Through Powerful Conversations with Marcia Reynolds

There are 3 things needed in order to change: Willingness Desire Courage You also need to understand what your desired outcome is and what is standing in your way. Once defined, you have the power... Read More

039 – The Future Of Work And AI with Tiffany Prince

AI is changing the way we work, learn and run our businesses. Will AI take over jobs? Renowned Talent Consultant, Tiffany Prince, answers questions surrounding AI while helping us to understand how to develop +... Read More

038 – How Homeschool Can Ignite the Pursuit Of Freedom with Isaac Morehouse

What if there was a way to be freed of the pressure to follow the ‘norm’ and do only what we think is expected of us? Founder and CEO of Crash, Isaac Morehouse, talks about... Read More

037 – How To Keep Your Remote Teams Feeling Connected

Tune into the Scrimmage #WednesdayWebinar series focused around remote teams, virtual tools and helpful information to set your remote workforce up for success. – Why communication is key in uncertain times – Setting the tone... Read More

036 – How The World’s Most Successful People Learn with Steve Cunningham

Today’s guest is Steve Cunningham from Read It For Me, a “Book Summary” company that gives you access to all the juiciest parts of the best business and leadership book in 12 minutes. Grab the... Read More

034 – COVID-19 SPECIAL – How 7 Industry Leaders are Handling “The New Normal”

Today is March 26, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has virtually everyone working at home and doing their best to continue as best as possible running their businesses, supporting their teams and learning from this event.... Read More

035- How To Master Your Mindset And Life With Jen Groover

How do you adjust your mindset and achieve the most out of life? Join Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author, Jen Groover, as she explains her unique approach to developing a winning mindset, her “life auditing system,”... Read More

033- Putting Your Last Bad Day Behind You With Michael O’Brien

How do you keep bad moments from turning into bad days? It is helpful to have a tribe of people who listen to your problems, while keeping you levelheaded and focused on the best possible... Read More
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