Everyone is looking to make some sort of an impact within their life. The Millennial generation especially, is constantly searching to find their ‘why’. We yearn to feel wanted, needed and fulfilled in our daily lives. How you go about achieving your purpose in life, does matter. Chief Sales Officer, Angela Parsons, shares her story, passions and why it is so important to make an impact today.

1:19 – If you’re not first, you’re last

2:43 – How to WIN in the people industry

4:12 – Cultivating FUN in the workplace

6:36 – Women in leadership

8:56 – How to transcend with user-friendly tech

10:34 – Blending work & play

11:44 – The future of people fulfillment 

13:18 – Don’t take things for granted

14:23 – The power of praise

15:33 – It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with

16:00 – Taking lessons from others

16:42 – Finding your why

18:42 – Why you shouldn’t settle

20:36 – After school All-Stars

24:50 – The importance of passion projects



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