Today, time is a valuable entity. There is an increasing need to schedule every minute of our hectic lives. How do you incorporate special, interesting projects + have fun, along with doing your everyday work?

Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur, Nick Eubanks, discusses an array of topics from creating a good work-life balance to scheduling your time effectively – all while incorporating the insights that he preaches on a a daily basis in his company.

  • 3:52 – How to make people want to stay at a company
  • 7:18 – How to turn tricky situations into a WIN
  • 14:17 – The evolution of an entrepreneur
  • 15:09 – Creating awareness for mental health
  • 18:33 – Benefits of a balanced life
  • 22:13 – The ultra learning concept
  • 26:30 – The big rocks method
  • 29:42 – Respect is earned not given
  • 31:08 – How to schedule FUN
  • 32:39 – The preferred learning method


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