Imagine what you could learn if you had over 600 mentors. If you could sit with each of them for 30-60 minutes and ask them about the key principles they’ve learned that have made them so successful, what do you think that would do for you?

Well, today’s guest Jeremy Ryan Slate has been interviewing people for nearly 5 years on his “Create Your Own Life” podcast—over 600 so far—and we were lucky enough to have a great conversation with Jeremy about what he’s learned from this experience.

If you are looking for frameworks on how to live with purpose, build a personal brand, and surround yourself with people who can support you on your journey, you are in for a great episode!

A few key takeaways from this episode:

  • 0:00 – Why you need someone to remind you of your pitfalls
  • 3:26 – How the media space is changing
  • 6:12 – The importance of authenticity 
  • 9:29 – Understanding how to utilize your skillsets effectively 
  • 11:00 – Important lessons learned from history
  • 13:54 – Using curiosity to learn new things
  • 17:05 – Why purpose is so important to younger generations
  • 22:51 – How a ‘different’ mindset & consistency helps to achieve goals
  • 23:28 – The power of concentration
  • 25:52 – How a mentor keeps you on track


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